Diving in Mauritius is possible all the year round. The best time is during the austral summer from November to April where the water temperature can reach 29 degrees Celsius. In the winter the water cools considerably and can go down to 20 degrees Celsius, the sea is often rough and the visibility worsens.

In our centre, we have been diving for over 25 years. The experience gained over the years has provided us with many skill and much knowledge of the underwater environment. It was our father, Louis Alexandre Anselme better known under the name “Captain Mimi”, who introduced us to diving. He was the first in Mauritius to take people to dive in the sea. That was in 1952 for the Royal Navy! Since then he has documented the many dive sites, each one more beautiful than the other. It was he who coordinated the project of the Mauritius Underwater Group (MUG) to scuttle the first wreck to make an artificial reef. The boat, named Water Lilly, was scuttled on 30 August 1980, off-shore of Trou-aux-Biches and 25 meters deep.

After the retirement of our father, we took up the baton. We host people who have never dived (First Dive). For experienced divers, we guide them to the sites depending on their level. We give you the guarantee of safe dive management and provide you with all the necessary information before the dive. During the dive, we will show you the hidden wonders of our sites: rare or endemic fish, the very discreet stonefish, invertebrates of all kinds, the octopus in his hiding place and many other things that you might not perceive without our discerning eye.

Come and dive with us in a warm and family atmosphere. Diving is, for us, a family story handed down from father to son. Our small company is very different from the “factory dives” of which there many around the world. Safety, fun and discovery first!

                                   Johnny et Jacky ALEXANDRE

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